Marizanne & Zehan | Wedding 26-04-2014

Marizanne and Zehan were married at The Willows Wedding and Conference facility, just outside Bloemfontein on a beautiful autumn afternoon. This farm style wedding showcased the couple’s personality and was just perfect, down to the tiniest details. Marizanne was my first “barefoot” bride. Words can’t describe how amazing she looked.

Marizanne got dressed at the famous Oude Kraal, where Marie and her staff catered for her every need.  Zehan and his groomsmen got ready at the venue…. and oh… when he saw his bride…!!!

It was an honour capturing the beginning of your journey together, and can’t wait to see your how story unfolds.

Thank you to Mariska Venter, who was my second shooter. You rock!


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And a peek into a few pages of the book:


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